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Welcome to Blazing Sportzs

To start everything off, I am a degenerate. Throughout school I was an average student at best, but the one thing I always do well in is sports. Sports and entertainment give people a break from the real world, and overall is a great way to connect people no matter what skin color, religion, or location they are at in the world. I could meet a dude from from China, and if he likes sports we could talk for hours. Enough with the sappy shit. Our goal of the blog is to provide sports content with a splash. What I mean by “splash” is to give unique takes, and look at things a little differently than most. Next, is to provide content about day-to-day news, and make things funny. Not everything is that serious. In addition to content, I want to provide events such as sports rallies, and betting tournaments where I can engage communities and find like minded people that have a passion for sports, which I call HAVING A GOOD TIME. Lastly, Betting. I don’t care if were betting on a bunch of fifth graders playing kickball at recess, there is an edge and I will find it. (BE RESPONSIBLE WHEN BETTING…… OR NOT I DON’T GIVE A FUCK)

I have come up with a staff of writers, and entertainers that are working, or at least say they’re working, around the clock to provide good and funny content. Collectively, we call ourselves Blazing Sportzs. Each member of the team has a speciality, whether that be a particular sport, betting, daily news, entertainment, or just being a fuck in general. (We have quite a few of those)

So come follow us through this journey. Why would you? We believe in making the life of each follower better, and all jokes aside, I sincerely mean that. Whether that be through sports information, a laugh, or just entertainment as a whole. I hate long articles, and usually stop reading them if they take forever, so we will leave it at that. Thanks and lets fookin ride.

BY: Noah Zak

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