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President’s Trophy Curse??

Man oh man what a series. I can sum up Colorado’s loss to three things. 

  1. Turnovers. Colorado’s back end just committed turnover after turnover. Girard and Graves just did not have their usual selves, turning the puck over up the middle that led to goal after goal. Credit that a little to Vegas as their dump and run forecheck caused a lot of these turnovers which you can not afford especially against a team like Vegas. Both the goals in the first period were caused because of the Vegas forecheck causing turnovers. Colorado simply got out muscled by Vegas. Their defense was too small in the end and Vegas out played the Avalanche. 
  2. Grubauer. What a season Grubauer had. He was strong all year and played like a Stanley Cup goaltender, but then the playoffs started. He was not tested as much against the St. Louis Blues, but that changed against Vegas. Some soft goals from Grubauer are just deflating for the team. You have to make the easy saves and the big saves if you want to advance and Grubauer simply did not get it done. Look at guys like Fleury and Price. These are stanley cup type goaltenders. These guys get it done night after night in the playoffs and it shows. Both of their teams are in the semis. Grubauer needed to get to another level for Colorado to go all the way and he simply could not. He had a hard time tracking the puck and it showed. 
  3. Vegas second line. Vegas’s second line was buzzin all series scoring 8 goals. Without a defensive minded player like Kadri. They are missing Kadri because they could not shut down Karlson, Marchessault, and Smith. This line is the X factor in this series. Vegas shut down Mackinnon as much as one can and Colorado could not figure out this line. 

Vegas has a great chance to shut down Montreal and go to the Stanley Cup yet again. Montreal has a hot goaltender and some big boys on defense. I think it’s going to be a tough series for Vegas. A gritty team like Montreal will not go down easily, but Vegas is just too good and Montreal has not been truly tested. Vegas in 6. 

By: Quin Zak

nstagram: @blazingSportzs

Twitter: @BSportzs

TikTok: @blazingsportzs

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